Packed with empowering information about natural breast health, Breast Health Is in Your Hands, will guide you with helpful tips for understanding and moving your lymph to prevent stagnation and congestion.

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Most physical problems have an underlying emotional source. Awareness of these emotions offers a better understanding of the condition the body is experiencing. People who can express their emotions live longer and have a better quality of life. Learn steps to deal with emotions.
Learn how good nutrition and digestion are foundational for breast health. If the gut is inflamed, the lymphatic system is also inflamed.

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Grasp and appreciate the use of essential oils as probiotics and for suppressing inflammation. They act as intercellular messengers – a defense mechanism because of their antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. They have been found to be one of the greatest supports for the immune system.

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Gain an understanding of how environmental issues affect breast health including harmful ingredients in personal care and cleaning products. Improper use of cell phones, EMF’s, noise, clutter in the environment and too much going on in the mind all may have adverse effects on the immune system.

Today you have a multitude of choices for health care which includes integrated functional medicine and diagnostic tools such as thermography. Do the research to learn what is best for you. Find a clinic near you. (

Accept that making mistakes is human and discover how you can take back your power by incorporating natural therapies from this vast array of recommendations. Learn how to use self-care practices such as meditation, a variety of breathing techniques, affirmations, forgiveness and gratitude.

You’ll love how Joyce can help you find your sparkle with verve and vitality.  

“Joyce’s ability to be guided from her heart and create a fabulous book to connect with women is extraordinary. Her exquisite Healthy Girls formula has empowered, inspired and supported hundreds of women”

Jody Hagedorn, Certified Reflexologist/Holistic Mentor