Excerpt from Theresa’s story:  A Bump in the Road

 “I guess there is nothing more we can do for you” and the oncologist turned and walked out the door. Theresa looked at Rosie, our nurse sister who was caring for her 24/7 by then and asked, “What do we do now?”

She begged to go to another clinic to get another oncologist’s opinion. And he said, “There is one more chemo we could give you, but you would have no quality of life at all. You would be sick all the time, and it may be less than 20 percent effective.” This was not a bump in the road; this may be the end of the road!

Statements from the book:

“Human breasts contain lymphatic ducts and nodes that need palpitation to fulfill their purpose of detoxification. Therefore, a daily loving breast self-massage seems to be a highly effective solution.”

“Sugar can suppress the immune system and cause fatigue, hyperactivity, anxiety, depression, difficulty concentrating, and irritability in adults and children.”

“Once inside the body, pure essential oils act as natural chelators, bonding to heavy metals and carrying them out through the circulatory and lymphatic systems.”

“It is quite common to stuff your real emotions because they feel uncomfortable. If you continue to stuff the emotion, it can manifest as a physical condition.”

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“Joyce Sobotta is a wealth of information on essential care for naturally healthy breasts. She’s done her research, and is deeply passionate about supporting women to live healthy, vibrant, empowered lives.”

Kara Maria Ananda, Women’s Healing Arts Teacher, Conscious Business Coach, and Founder of Maia University at www.KaraMariaAnanda.com